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14" 'Oscen' Series 5 Little Apple Doll

14" 'Oscen' Series 5 Little Apple Doll


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Oscen 'The Raven Queen' is one of the two original characters released back in 2007. The artist has reverted back to her original vision of the character, which now includes an elaborate head dress. Her story reveals links with Charles Carrion who some might know as storyteller Kook Headcage's surly companion... One of four dolls featured in The Lost Series

  • 14" tall (35.5 cm approx)
  • Outfit comprises of black 'hakama' style trousers, 'hanten' waistcoat, black feather shawl and feathered beak headdress
  • Vinyl body and hand-sewn clothing (100% cotton & synthetic feathers)
  • Features 'Story of Oscen' book written and illustrated by Yurei Urie
  • Doll is also presented with an apple and pins
  • This item contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old
  • Protoype photos shown here. Final doll may differ slightly from pictures but the artist endeavors to make this as minimal as possible

(Please note: This doll will ship 21-28 working days from date of purchase)

  • Image of 14" 'Oscen' Series 5 Little Apple Doll
  • Image of 14" 'Oscen' Series 5 Little Apple Doll
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